The below information will provide you with an introduction to living at the complex and cover the most common questions management are asked about the building.

Need help

Building management are on-site once a week and available 24/7 for building emergencies. Your Senior Building Manager is Damian Demasi, assisted by Assistant Building Manager Amanda O’Grady. For all non-urgent matters, residents are requested to email their enquiry to so that a record of their request can be maintained.  For emergencies please contact 0432 095 212.

Moving-in & Delivery of Large Items

Residents moving-in or having large items delivered are requested to book their move with building management at least 48 hours prior to the move so that it can be co-ordinated with other residents. Please see the moving instructions available in the ‘Forms & Procedures’ section of this website.

Residents are reminded that items are not to be moved via the main entrance lobby where possible and must go through the car park or via service door.

Building Maintenance, Cleaning & Emergencies

Building management is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of common areas. Please report any non-urgent matters to building management via email at  For building emergencies such as large water leaks management can be contacted 24/7 on 0432 095 212.

 Connecting Gas & Electricity

Your service provider should have a record of your gas and electricity meter numbers when you provide them your address. You are free to connect to a utility provider of your choice and this must be done on taking up residency at the building. The meters are read remotely and are located in the main switchboard room in the car park that can only be accessed by building management or the meter readers.

The hot water meter to apportion your hot water consumption as a portion of the total building (given it is a central hot water system) is in most instances located under the kitchen sink or the laundry basin.

On occupying the apartment you may need to turn on the electricity using the switchboard in your apartment and the gas using the valve located in a cupboard in your kitchen.

No Electricity

If there is no electricity in your apartment, or part of your apartment, most likely a circuit breaker has tripped. There is a switchboard in the apartment that contains all circuit breakers, it is usually located in a storage cupboard or your kitchen.

As a short has most likely tripped the breaker it is best to turn off all power outlets, appliances and lights, go to your switchboard and then reset the circuit breaker by turning it back to on. If you turn a light or use a power point and the breaker trips again, this is the cause of the short and the appliance should not be used further or an electrician should be called.

Should there be no electricity in your apartment and no breakers are tripped, please contact building management, unless it is an issue with the area in which case you will need to wait for power to be reinstated.

Phone & Internet

The building has Fibre To The Basement (FTTB) providing high speed internet to your apartment through selected suppliers. When occupying the apartment you are free to use a telecommunications provider of your choice to set up your telephone and internet. Providers should be able to set up your connection without accessing the building, however if for some reason they require access to the building’s Main Distribution Frame (MDF), please contact building management.

Each apartment has a main point on a wall outlet inside the apartment, this is normally located in the living room. Your telecommunications provider will provide a phone/internet service to this point, where a modem will need to be connected. The provider will guide you through the installation process or send a technician out to complete.

Visitors parking

There are 2 spots allocated for visitor parking in the car park. Residents are not permitted to park in these spots and action will be taken against offenders. Please note that parking for visitors is restricted to 24 hours as per the buildings by-laws.

To access the visitors parking area, drive to the garage door on Cathedral Street and call the apartment you are visiting via the intercom system. The resident will then give you access.

Please do not park under any circumstances in other peoples spaces, the carpark ramps and driveway without first speaking to building management.

Resident Car Park

Residents must park in and with-in their designated car space. Residents are reminded that as per the by-laws car spaces are for the parking of bikes and vehicles only, nothing else can be kept or stored in the space.

 Water & Hot Water

The cost of water is paid for by your strata levies and an access charge that will be billed to you by Sydney Water; you should confirm that Sydney Water has your correct contact details.

Individual stop valves to turn on/off the hot and cold water to your apartment can generally be found under the sink in your kitchen.

Please note that the buildings hot water is provided through a gas hot water system. When setting up your gas account, you will also need to notify your utility provider of the hot water meter under your kitchen sink which they use to determine your portion of the buildings gas usage to provide hot water to your apartment.

Clothes Lines & Drying Clothes

The drying of clothes on balconies is not permitted. Please use the dryer in your apartment.

Recycling & Waste Disposal

General garbage and recycling can be disposed of in the bins kept in the garbage room located next to the cafe on Cathedral St. The bins are marked for general waste and recycling. Please dispose of the waste as per the instructions provided. These are collected on a weekly basis.

Intercom System

Visitors can contact apartments using the building’s intercom system available at the main entrance. If you are contacted on the intercom system, press the key to open the entrance door, visitors then have a short amount of time to enter through the entrance door.

Fire Alarm & Fire Stairs

If the buildings fire alarm goes off, please exit the building and proceed down the fire stairs (main internal stairs) to the pavement area on the opposite side of the street in front of the building. The Fire Brigade or Building Management will then provide instructions on when you can re-enter the building.


The building is Foxtel ready and residents wanting to use Foxtel’s services should contact them directly to arrange their connection.


87-91 Cathedral Street is a pet-friendly building. However, pets must be registered with building management and the Strata Committee on commencement of residency. Please refer to the forms & procedures section of this website for further information.

New access cards & keys

The building uses an access control system and you should have an access card that will provide access to the garage door and main entrance foyers. Should you require an additional access cards and/or remotes, they can be obtained at a cost of $100 (limit per apartment) by completing the key/access card & remote request form available in the forms section of this website.

The original key for your apartment entrance door is on a master key system as it also provides access to other areas around the building such as the main garbage room and fire stairs. To obtain an additional front door key, please also complete the key/access card request form available in the forms section of this website. Building management will then send your request to the building’s locksmith (Thomson Locksmiths) providing approval and you can obtain additional keys off them at a small cost.